Average Salaries at NYC Startups JANUARY 2013

According to PandoDaily, the average salary for a dev across all the job postings is naturally higher than for other positions, at $93,000; for marketers it’s slightly less at $92,000 and designers are earning $88,000 on average. As for the NYC companies with the highest average salary: Stylecaster and Venmo boast an average salary of $176,000, so if you have any friends who work there, they better not even think about asking you to split the brunch bill. Rewind.me, Bonobos and Bookish dole out an average salary of $126k. Most jobs fall into the $80-90k range, with an average salary of $87,000: Fitocracy, Seatgeek and Skillshare all fall into this category.” Stats per AngelList

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