Aaron Swartz, Civil Disobedience, and Harvard Ethics – Republish of July 2011 Post

Sorry, Aaron, I did not speak long enough or hard enough. [The July 14, 2011 United States criminal indictment of activist Aaron Swartz, inventor of RSS, for downloading mass quantities of academic journals, is Here.] The relevant American newspapers have two different takes on the Swartz indictment. Boston: “Aaron Swartz, a Cambridge web entrepreneur and […]

Google Drive Terms of Service Confuse and Cause Copyright Concerns

Cloud search firm Simplexo recently voiced concerns about who owns copyrights to documents stored in in Google Drive. Here is the link to the Terms of Service for the Google Apps Free Agreement. I have no idea why it is drafted this way, but here is the awkward excerpt: 7. Intellectual Property Rights; Brand Features. […]

Dish Declaratory Action – Consumers Who Activate Ad-Skipping Cannot Trigger Dish Copyright Infringement

Orrick Herrington filed its declaratory judgment relief complaint on behalf of Dish Network yesterday, May 24, 2012, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Dish Ad Hopper Complaint). The complaint seeks to head off the now filed lawsuits of the major networks attempting to hold Dish liable for copyright […]