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My Team

Posted by christopher on July 28, 2015


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Required Reading 2015 for HarvardLaw74 Startup Clients

Posted by christopher on May 10, 2015


Teaser Article Quote:

“While there is certainly something more admirable, and typically less noxious, about those who innovate ideas and services than those who place bets and structure deals, let’s call it what it is. No matter how fervently techies and entrepreneurs claim they want to “change the world” (see any episode of “Shark Tank”), far fewer of them would be in the disruption game if the potential profits weren’t world-changing as well. The lovable millennial bumblers on “Silicon Valley” may be scruffy and genuinely passionate about coding, but their goal — making money and leveraging power — is quintessentially yuppie, even if their social skills aren’t.” Teddy Wayne, NYTimes OP-ED, 05.10.15

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Hootsuite Mocks its Own Design

Posted by christopher on October 29, 2014

A lesson for startups…and yes, time to look at my own website here.

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Harvard Law School Reunion October 2014

Posted by christopher on October 27, 2014

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My Pop Up Office and Fruit Street Health Gig

Posted by christopher on October 16, 2014


Working on a rainy New York day listening to Bon Iver and The National.

I am pleased to announce my retention at Fruit Street Health, Inc., a funded and exciting Telehealth Startup in San Francisco. Scroll all the way down on the FS About Us page for my bio and appointment. Attorneys get too little repsect

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Legal Funding for Large Plaintiffs – CrowdFunding for Fortune 500

Posted by christopher on September 2, 2014

In a provocative piece on the Legal Funding Central Blog, Kenneth Min writes:

“That legal funding is attracting investment fund managers should come as no surprise, as commercial litigation funding is really just investing equity in an alternative asset class – and one that has the potential for impressive returns for investors.

At least that’s what one former Wall Street executive, William H. Strong, seems to think. The former Vice Chairman and Co-CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia-Pacific Operations came out of retirement to take on the role of chairman and partner at Longford Capital, a new litigation finance firm focusing on B2B claims in matters with over $25 million in controversy. Mr. Strong officially took his post May 1st.”

And many thanks to LFC for helping me to present to my startup and other litigation clients the cost and time lines for federal court litigation….here is one LFC graphic:


The complete LFC post here.

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Oscar Health Startup Slide Show

Posted by christopher on May 7, 2014

I expect to join this month. Will keep you posted. My health tech clients are all for it!

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Brooklyn Tech Triangle, A New Music Video and A Newer Idea

Posted by christopher on March 17, 2014

We are all keeping our eye on the public and private initiatives surrounding the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

President of Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Tucker Reed, has in essence, proposed a reverse eminent domain of City owned buildings in Downtown Brooklyn to fuel the area’s need for startup real estate:

“With a footprint of over 1.2 million square feet of commercial space surrounding Cadman Plaza, municipal-owned and occupied buildings such as the Brooklyn Municipal building at 210 Joralemon Street, 65 Court Street and the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse at 271 Cadman Plaza East could be repurposed to create a new urban campus for entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as new retail opportunities to activate the ground level experience. By reactivating these assets, government could avoid having to spend additional money to renovate these aging facilities, while modernizing its footprint in newer, more efficient buildings built by partners in the private sector.”

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Startup Litigation Defense Post 101

Posted by christopher on January 6, 2014

Andrew Greenstein, counsel at Knight Capital, suggests in his
Three Quick Steps To Avoid Startup Death By Trade Secret Misappropriation Lawsuit“, the following:


1. I hereby confirm that I have not retained any documents or information relating to the business of any of my prior employers, in any form (including personal email and electronic files), that I obtained in my role as an employee of my prior employers.

Confirm  Unable to Confirm 

2. I hereby confirm that I have performed a search of my home computer, hard drives, USB drives, email, and paper files to confirm that I do not possess the information described above.

Important: If you need to perform a search before completing this document, please inform [NAME] so that you can do so.

Confirm  Unable to Confirm 

3. I hereby confirm that I have not disclosed or used, and that I will not disclose or use, any non-public documents or information relating to the business of any of my former employers during my work at [COMPANY].

Confirm  Unable to Confirm 

4. I hereby confirm that I am not subject to an agreement that prohibits me from working for a competitor of any prior employer.

Confirm  Unable to Confirm 

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