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Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1 (all 3 big stars of this fixture)

Posted by christopher on October 28, 2014

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Giggs Goal FA Cup 1999

Posted by christopher on September 10, 2012

“14-4-1999-FA Cup Semifinal Replay the score was 1-1 between Man Utd and Arsenal David Beckham scored in min 17 and Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal in min 69.The match went into extra-time and Ryan Giggs scored this beautiful goal in min 109 which which sent United in the final.Manchester United were to win the FA Cup on 22nd of May in a match against Newcastle United with goals from Teddy Sheringham and Paul Scholes.” (source of text)

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Manchester United (MANU)Shares Debut on New York Stock Exchange.

Posted by christopher on August 10, 2012

Although its stock this morning hovers at the opening price of $14.00 per share, Manchester United is now, for today, the highest value sports team in the world at $U.S. 2.3 billion. We who bleed red for United understand the valuation, although we cannot quite understand, or find it ironic, Man United valued same as Zynga.

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Meatto and United

Posted by christopher on July 21, 2012

My passion here has been building over the last 15 years.I took this photo last night, July 26, 2011, at a private training session for United here in New Jersey on the eve of their final game for their 2011 tour in the United States.

Here are the rest of my photographs (you must be logged onto Facbook). If you do click, please follow me on Facebook.

Hats Off to Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs.
Can an American Intellectual Property litigator attract international business on the basis of his astute passion for Manchester United and the English Premier League? This jacket and my Corgi attract more attention than most blog posts and tweets that I create.

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Manchester United Just Another U.S. Startup with an IPO

Posted by christopher on July 6, 2012

“Manchester United IPO: Forget Soccer, It’s a Media Company”


As cogently expressed in the Wired article titled above:

Taken by Meatto at United practice in New Jersey!

“And also like Facebook, and every other social media company that has tested the public markets recently, Manchester United is pinning its appeal to investors on its ability to monetize the 659 million “followers” it claims to have worldwide. Facebook boasted of more than 800 million users in its IPO filing, but so far they haven’t helped its share price. Nor have big user bases done much for Yelp, Zynga or Angie’s List shares either since they went public within the past year. And Google’s returns have been mediocre during the same period.”

For all of we Manchester United fans, bring on Groupon!.

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Vindaloo Football Copyright and Fair Use – An American IP Lawyer Takes a Big Chance

Posted by christopher on June 17, 2012

From Wiki: “”Vindaloo” is a song by British band Fat Les. The music was written by Blur bassist Alex James and the lyrics were written by comedian Keith Allen. It was released as a single in 1998 and recorded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. The song was originally written as a parody of football chants, but was adopted as one in its own right and became a cult classic. Much of the song consists of the phrase “nah nah nah” and the word “vindaloo” repeated over and over by a mixed group, occasionally interspersed with lines such as “And we all like vindaloo” and “We’re England; we’re gonna score one more than you”

I purchased a copy of Vindaloo from Amazon and Fat Les is now $0.99 fatter (radio mix). I wonder if the poster of this video (which contains no actual video footage) obtained her copy in a similar manner. If we both did so purchase Vindaloo, would we be clear of a copyright infringement claim?

ENGLAND 3 SWEDEN 2!!!!! Nice work Danny

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Arteta Goal for Arsenal and United is Eight Points Clear Fair Use of EPL Clip

Posted by christopher on April 9, 2012

For all #copyright readers who are #ManUnited fans, Arteta goal 8 points clear and EPL can sue me in SDNY for youtube clip here.

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European Football Pubs Can Country Surf

Posted by christopher on January 13, 2012

The European Court of Justice ruled earlier this year that a British pub owner could purchase a decoder and rights from a Greek media outlet. The court reasoned as follows:

“In its judgement, the court said that attempting to prohibit the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards is “contrary to the freedom to provide services and cannot be justified either in light of the objective of protecting intellectual property rights or by the objective of encouraging the public to attend football stadiums.”

Posted here as an example of a performer/consumer centric decision at the expense of distributing media.

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Glory Glory Man United, Fair Use I am Sure

Posted by christopher on December 29, 2011

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