Christopher F. Meatto, Esq.

I am an experienced Harvard Law School graduate advocating free access to ideas and knowledge. I was engaged for many years as an intellectual property advisor and major commercial case litigator. I played a key intellectual property, strategy, and litigation role in the startup launch of Swatch watches in the United States and throughout the world. I now divide my time among reduced fee clients of interest, major litigation clients, and selected pro bono projects.

My virtual office is here and on my social media platforms. My physical office is embedded in a startup hosting coworking environment and at the Harvard Club. I also maintain a consulting office in Hoboken.

While case law is often mired in legal paradigms that have questionable validity in the digital age, judges are more and more coming to terms with the inevitable radical evolution of intellectual property rights. Further, it is a challenge to work within the legal system, as always, for change and justice.

My writing and analytical skills and predilections are a result of my undergraduate love of Latin, Greek, and Political Science and lifelong study and practice of law (if not always the legal system.)

I am admitted to practice in the federal and state courts of New York. I practice in other jurisdictions on a pro hac vice basis.

I am now working with a number of New York City startups to help launch exciting new companies and entrepreneurs that will lead the economic recovery in the United States. I have an extensive technical and entrepreneurial background in Internet development and technology.

Not surprisingly, I support the efforts of Creative Commons and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Text or call me at +1 917.374.4477. My Facebook and Twitter accounts are quite active. My email is

Warning to English football fans, I root for Manchester United, an addiction which afflicted me long before I fell in love with London.