Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – Will Supreme Court Review First Sale?

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We look forward to the brief being filed by PublicKnowledge. As set out by Williams Mullen, the Kirstaeng case is an interesting one: “In John Wiley & Sons, Inc. v. Kirtsaeng, No. 09-4896-cv (2d. Cir. August 15, 2011), the Second Circuit affirmed a district court decision and held that the first sale doctrine does not […]

The United States Copyright Fair Use Statute Quick Primer

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Noah Baron writes in HuffPost “if Fair Use isn’t clarified and broadened; and if formerly safe-havens for creativity on the internet go under, we are all in trouble.” The Fair Use language of Section 107 of the Copyright Act is the common ground for authors, publishers, retweeters, bloggers, judges and the curious to address Baron’s […]

SOPA May Backfire and Cause Destruction of Copyright Stranglehold

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Stop Online Piracy Act brought out the big guns against itself in United States Congressional hearings this week. As a member of the United States federal judiciary process, I am embarassed in front of my fellow attorneys in the international community and I apologize on behalf of the sane 99 percent of attorneys who do […]

Use the IP Property Paradigm to Advantage in Defending Copyright Fair Use

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CITATION: 54 Duke L. J. 1 CABINING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THROUGH A PROPERTY PARADIGM by MICHAEL A. CARRIER Full Text HERE Professor Carrier is no stranger to litigation. He clerked at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and was a litigator at Covington & Burling. He now teaches intellectual property, antitrust and property law at Rutgers […]

New York Ticket Legislation Requiring Paper Tickets to be Offered Falls Short of Necessary Consumer Freedom

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As reported in Ticket News, the July 2010 legislation “(a)t its core, the bill requires artists, venues, teams and primary ticket sellers to give consumers the chance to purchase a traditional paper, or other type of ticket, if the seller is utilizing a paperless ticketing system that does not offer independent transferability of the paperless […]