A Different Take on Ownership of “Corporate” Twitter Followers

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Our Edinburgh colleague WardBlawg has written a comprehensive post on the pending United States PhoneDog litigation where the company is trying to regain control of its employee’s Twitter account that contains 17,000 followers and was apparently compiled during the employee’s tenure with PhoneDog. Also on the table is $340,000 in claimed damages. More background on […]

Ten Legal Documents for Startups

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Tip of the hat to the NYC law firm of Wahab & Medenica LLC (a New York business law firm) for compiling this list. Their discussion of these documents is in two parts, HERE and HERE. 1. ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION (LLC’s Only) 2. CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION (Corporations Only) 3. OPERATING AGREEMENT (LLC’s Only) 4. BYLAWS […]

Does Employer or Employee Own a Social Media Account?

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[via Julie Gottlieb at SocialMediaNews] “In her article, Social Media and Intellectual Property Risks, Pria Chetty lists the top 5 intellectual property risks when using social media. The first relates to ownership of social media accounts. Chetty writes: “Where an employee creates a Social Media account in the name of the company on for instance, […]

New York Court: Facebook Posts Private but Subject to Discovery

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(Thanks as always to LLRX via @bsookman in Toronto) Romano v. Steelcase, Inc., run of mill products liability case, Court allows discovery of “private” Facebook and MySpace posts: “However, contrary to Plaintiff’s claims, Steelcase contends that a review of the public portions of Plaintiff’s MySpace and Facebook pages reveals that she has an active lifestyle […]