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We are all keeping our eye on the public and private initiatives surrounding the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

President of Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Tucker Reed, has in essence, proposed a reverse eminent domain of City owned buildings in Downtown Brooklyn to fuel the area’s need for startup real estate:

“With a footprint of over 1.2 million square feet of commercial space surrounding Cadman Plaza, municipal-owned and occupied buildings such as the Brooklyn Municipal building at 210 Joralemon Street, 65 Court Street and the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse at 271 Cadman Plaza East could be repurposed to create a new urban campus for entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as new retail opportunities to activate the ground level experience. By reactivating these assets, government could avoid having to spend additional money to renovate these aging facilities, while modernizing its footprint in newer, more efficient buildings built by partners in the private sector.”


HealthTechAn 108 Slide and Graphic driven presentation that is packed with information and packaged with acute organization.


As reported in the Huffington Post:

“It’s estimated that New York’s startup community consists of at least 200 active startups founded by Israelis alone, including Conduit, Taboola, Kaltura and Fiverr. The majority of these Israeli-founded startups have raised at least $10 million in funding each: Conduit raised $110 million, Taboola raked in $40 million, Kaltura $68 million and Fiverr counts $20 million under its belt. With Israel on the fast track to revolutionizing the tech landscape, in the next decade we can expect to see even more cash flowing into Israeli startups – and importantly, their counterparts in NYC.”



    Regis Tech Accelerator to Launch Inaugural Summer Academy in June

I am Regis Class of XX. The Number One Jesuit high school in the nation, located on the Upper East Side of New York City.

This summer, the Regis Tech Accelerator (RTA), an alumni affinity group at Regis, will launch its inaugural 6-week Summer Academy from June 17 through August 1. The program will be hosted at Regis High School.

The RTA, founded this past winter, primarily functions as a forum for Regis alumni to discuss tech-facilitated entrepreneurship. The newly developed Summer Academy is designed to serve as an outlet for those entrepreneurs to cultivate their business concepts. This year, the Summer Academy will provide as many as 6 start-up companies rent-free access to office space, technology resources and mentors through designated classrooms at Regis. Participants will also host a “Demo Day” at the conclusion of the program.
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“The Securities and Exchange Commission is making way for a number of startups and online investment platforms to enable startups to crowdsource investment. Early last week, Y Combinator-backed FundersClub received notice from the SEC that the agency would not pursue action against its crowdfunding platform. But it wasn’t alone: a few days later, AngelList received a similar letter from the SEC.”


The introduction of idiosyncratic crowd sourced funding platforms will give more startups access to qualified funding and also raise more interesting structure issues for startup attorneys.



The gladiators hung up their swords and chains over two centuries ago. While the 60 second pitch might be convenience for the Attention Deficit Disorders of venture capitalists and angel investors, it hardly ever favors the entrepreneur. Here is a link to a like set of 60 second pitches in Philadelphia this wee, the eponymously titled “60 Second Pitch Project.”



A little over two years ago, venture capitalist extraordinaire Fred Wilson posted “A Challenge to Startup Lawyers (not attorneys)” vehemently complaining about a $17,000 legal bill for a small first round financing involving angels and a few venture capitalists.
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“. Vague claims, product life cycles shorter than the PTO review process, trolls and general uncertainty threaten to stifle app industry innovation and growth.”
Nationwide summit with a New York discussion to take place on May 22, 2013. Free registration HERE.


RocketMatter is a successful online billing and contact management solution for small and medium law firms. It is well regarded in the legal community. It tweets and I am sure it found its way to SXSW.

I watched the fun video above this morning for the first time and then immediately returned to my paper copy of the NYTimes to reread this weekend’s “Imprisoned By Innovation” Op-Ed by Evgeny Morozov.

Morozow writes: “Smart technologies are not just disruptive; they can also preserve the status quo. Revolutionary in theory, they are often reactionary in practice.”

Those who know me already realize where this is going. Why do I need to integrate my Google calendar into my billing system? So I can charge somebody on a time elapsed basis for every single waking moment in my life? RocketMatter provides no gateways to knowledge, information, facts, law, or life.

Morozow writes about a London transport gamification app named “Chromaroma:, a transit smart card linked idea that awards points for checking in. Is it the breakthrough in transportation London has been looking for: ““Actually, the makeover London commuting has been waiting for is a more reliable service, with Tube lines that don’t close every weekend and trains that can hold more than 17 people.”

We legal veterans are still looking for disruption in the legal profession. It will not be obtained by slick billing and CRM applications, nor by Venture Capitalists handing out free legal forms to 24 year olds.