.XXX Domains Cause Chaos with Traditional Brands

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Full article on BusinessInsider HERE “Understandably, Meetup.com, where Dyson is a director, tried to do the same. Here’s what Dyson told the Senate happened when they tried to buy Meetup.xxx: Meetup has attempted to register Meetup.xxx, but has been told the name has been reserved on the “premium queue” to be auctioned off to the […]

Betty Boop Tee Shirt not Protected by Trademark Law

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[thanks to quick study memo from Lock Lorde] Fleischer Studios, Inc. v. A.V.E.L.A., Inc., No. 09-56317 (9th Cir. Feb. 23, 2011) (“Betty_Boop”) The excessive protectors of intellectual property often forget the functional purpose for which certain protection rights are granted. The Wiki definition of trademark is spot on: “A trademark or trade mark or trade-mark[1] […]

Seventh Circuit Limits In Personam Jurisdiction for Alleged Trademark Infringing Domain Name

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A United States Appeals Court in Chicago has slowed down the march of extending personal jurisdiction over defendants thousands of miles of away on the sole basis of their alleged presence in plaintiff’s neighborhood via the Internet. Defendant was a Houston anesthesiologist who practiced solely in the state of Texas. Plaintiff was a group of […]