Isreali Startups Raise Money and Create Jobs in Silicon Alley Manhattan

RT @AlumVest: The Rise of New York's Internationally Founded Tech #Startups #hl74 #NYC #tech — HarvardLaw74 (@HarvardLaw74) November 18, 2013 As reported in the Huffington Post: “It’s estimated that New York’s startup community consists of at least 200 active startups founded by Israelis alone, including Conduit, Taboola, Kaltura and Fiverr. The majority of these […]

AngelList and Y Combinator Funders Club Approved to Crowdfund

“The Securities and Exchange Commission is making way for a number of startups and online investment platforms to enable startups to crowdsource investment. Early last week, Y Combinator-backed FundersClub received notice from the SEC that the agency would not pursue action against its crowdfunding platform. But it wasn’t alone: a few days later, AngelList received […]

Disney Santa Paws Movie Does Not Infringe the Copyright of Santa Paws Short Story

“In the plaintiffs’ version, a dog embarks on a mission to save Christmas from a witch threatening to drain the world of holiday cheer with her magic icicle. In Disney’s version Santa Paws combats an evil icicle that threatens Christmas.” [Source, TheWrap: “Judge Dismisses ‘Santa Paws’ Copyright Lawsuit Against Disney” 9/20/2012] The precedent established here […]

Manchester United Just Another U.S. Startup with an IPO

“Manchester United IPO: Forget Soccer, It’s a Media Company”. As cogently expressed in the Wired article titled above: “And also like Facebook, and every other social media company that has tested the public markets recently, Manchester United is pinning its appeal to investors on its ability to monetize the 659 million “followers” it claims to […]

Google Drive Terms of Service Confuse and Cause Copyright Concerns

Cloud search firm Simplexo recently voiced concerns about who owns copyrights to documents stored in in Google Drive. Here is the link to the Terms of Service for the Google Apps Free Agreement. I have no idea why it is drafted this way, but here is the awkward excerpt: 7. Intellectual Property Rights; Brand Features. […]