Flat Fees

[Here is a photo that I took on my way to the Harvard Club from Hoboken via NY Waterway Ferry.]

I never bill clients by the hour or the minute. I quote a monthly retainer that covers all services required by a client as well as unlimited telephone access and a set amount of meetings.

A similar fee structure applies to litigation matters.

I am able to maintain this rational system because I am able to select those clients and matters where my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm can be used to maximum and efficient advantage.

No interesting assignment is too small and no “federal case” is too big. Many of my clients come to me after a less than satisfying experience with other attorneys. This website has also helped in defining my brand and attracting potential clients.

A typical retainer letter on the representation of a young startup might be transmitted via Google Docs as follows:

I enjoyed our extensive telephone conversation yesterday and hope that you will select me to represent Startup Corp.

I am available, to facilitate your decision on legal counsel, to meet with you again and any of your colleagues in person or by telephone/video conference.

I refer you again to my website at HarvardLaw74 and my brief statement of retainer arrangements .

My flat fee monthly retainer for my services to Startup Corp. is $1,000 for the first three months and $1,500 for the next three months. You may cancel the arrangement after the expiration of the first three months. The monthly fees give you and Startup Corp. unlimited access to me for general and legal advice via email, text, mobile and video/telephone conference. I will also make myself available at the client’s convenience for at least four in-person meetings each month. I will also travel to attend meetings for no extra fees as long as the expenses of travel are reimbursed promptly by Startup Corp..

The flat fee also includes litigation services in any jurisdiction where I am able to practice, excluding preparation and participation in depositions, court appearances, or trial.

Finally, I will not accept or seek any equity position in Startup Corp.. In my view, such an arrangement would compromise my legal judgment.

Thanks again for considering me for this OPPORTUNITY.

Very truly yours,