Hey Harry, Why is Programming for Startups So Complicated

In response to this Quora question: “What are the programming languages and frameworks the top NYC startups are using?”, lead Foursquare engineer Harry Heymann responded with the following list of options for all of my potential startup clients. Perhaps Cornell will have to build a bigger complex on Roosevelt Island to educate our street smart but tech challenged NYC youth:

Language – Scala
Web Framework – Lift
Database – MongoDB
App Server – Jetty
Proxy Layer – nginx + HAProxy
Hosting – Amazon EC2
Search – Solr
Email – SendGrid
Queuing – Kestrel
JS Library – jQuery
Etc – FogBugz, Git, CIJoe, ReviewBoard

PS: If you’d like to work with these tools (or think we should be using something else and want to show us why), we’re hiring!”