Manchester United Just Another U.S. Startup with an IPO

“Manchester United IPO: Forget Soccer, It’s a Media Company”


As cogently expressed in the Wired article titled above:

Taken by Meatto at United practice in New Jersey!

“And also like Facebook, and every other social media company that has tested the public markets recently, Manchester United is pinning its appeal to investors on its ability to monetize the 659 million “followers” it claims to have worldwide. Facebook boasted of more than 800 million users in its IPO filing, but so far they haven’t helped its share price. Nor have big user bases done much for Yelp, Zynga or Angie’s List shares either since they went public within the past year. And Google’s returns have been mediocre during the same period.”

For all of we Manchester United fans, bring on Groupon!.