Vindaloo Football Copyright and Fair Use – An American IP Lawyer Takes a Big Chance

From Wiki: “”Vindaloo” is a song by British band Fat Les. The music was written by Blur bassist Alex James and the lyrics were written by comedian Keith Allen. It was released as a single in 1998 and recorded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. The song was originally written as a parody of football chants, but was adopted as one in its own right and became a cult classic. Much of the song consists of the phrase “nah nah nah” and the word “vindaloo” repeated over and over by a mixed group, occasionally interspersed with lines such as “And we all like vindaloo” and “We’re England; we’re gonna score one more than you”

I purchased a copy of Vindaloo from Amazon and Fat Les is now $0.99 fatter (radio mix). I wonder if the poster of this video (which contains no actual video footage) obtained her copy in a similar manner. If we both did so purchase Vindaloo, would we be clear of a copyright infringement claim?

ENGLAND 3 SWEDEN 2!!!!! Nice work Danny