hl741 I am an experienced Harvard Law School graduate advocating free access to ideas and knowledge. My early career at major New York City law firms focused on intellectual property and major commercial case litigation. I played a key intellectual property, strategy, and litigation role in the startup launch of Swatch watches in the United States and throughout the world.

I subsequently founded a boutique litigation firm, Meatto Russo Burke & Wallace. I left the firm to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and “commuted” between law and entrepreneurship for 20 years.

In 2010 I decided to focus exclusively as an attorney/advisor with startups in New York City.

After working with a number of exciting New York City startups and at the same time conducting several high profile international litigations, I accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at a telemedicine company for which I have also helped to raise $4 million through innovative financial structures.

I am accepting a few selected opportunities and clients for whom I believe I can accomplish amazing results in a moderate timeframe.

Christopher F. Meatto, Esq.

Chief Operations Officer
Fruit Street Health, P.B.C.
Mobile (917-733-9830)


Warning to English football fans, I root for Manchester United, an addiction which afflicted me long before I fell in love with London.